Basketball in Berlin

Are you already preparing yourself mentally to play bingo when you go to Europe because you think basketball is only played in the US? While basketball may be incredibly popular in the United States, those that can’t wait to shoot hoops in Berlin are in luck. Others can learn more about Foxy bingo here and enjoy their time otherwise. Bear in mind that basketball is sometimes referred to as ‘streetball’ in Berlin so don’t get confused if you hear the term. There are plenty of locations to play basketball recreationally but if you would like to step it up a notch you could join FBL Berlin. Because it could be difficult to gather a number of motivated people on a weekly basis to play the beautiful game, FBL is an association that will guarantee game time regularly.

Joining the FBL costs €78 annually and a competition is already set up since this organization has been hosting an amateur league for a while now. This organization boasts opportunities such as support in training, free Spalding basketballs, jerseys and training equipment. Training takes place in a number of places across Berlin to mention a few in particular: Jahn Sports Hall and Albert-Einstein High School.

Moreover, FBL gives you the opportunity to be creative so that you may choose your team logo, team name, and jersey colours. That’s right! You can have your own basketball franchise. All that is required is that you gather a roster of at least 12 players – so that you may endure the entire season. This is really recommended for basketball enthusiasts that love to play the game like their heroes. Once the season is over the top teams from the leagues will enter in the playoffs. Of course, league winners, and finals winners are all rewarded for their efforts.

Founded in 1991, ALBA Berlin, is the largest German basketball team by membership figures. The Mercedes-Benz Arena (Berlin), a real stunning piece of architecture, is home to the professional team, affectionately nicknamed – Berlin Albatrosse. So if you would like to see a professional game, the arena is the place to be especially because ALBA is the most successful German team both domestically and internationally. They currently possess the FIBA Korać Cup, three German Super Cups, nine German Cups, and eight German Championships. With great success comes a large attendance of 10,000 people on average per game – the arena capacity is 14,500. Be sure to check out the ball handling skills of Peyton Siva and the dominating forward that is Marius Grigonis. Unfortunately, we will be seeing less of Luke Sikma due to him resigning at ALBA just this year – his list of achievements is rather long but one should mention that he was largely responsible for ALBA reaching the Cup Final.

As for the rest of us that do not wish to play competitively but just enjoy whatever the weather has on offer, Tempelhof Feld is the place to be. It is one of Berlin’s largest parks.

Whether you are a fan, recreational player, or professional that can’t wait to test his mettle in the arena training grounds, there are plenty of opportunities in the great city of Berlin.