Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

Located on Mercedes-Platz 1, this multipurpose arena was previously known as O2 World. Mercedes-Benz renamed the venue in 2015, and the deal was the name should stick for the following twenty years. The ALBA Basketball team and the Eisbären Berlin ice hockey club have their home here. The stadium is built on what once was […]

Discover the different areas of Berlin

Berlin is not just a run-of-the-mill city. The German capital has seen its fair share of cultural revolutions, political shifts in power and revitalization of districts, and has what some might call a colorful past. Different sections offer different wonders and different kinds of excitement and entertainment. We will cover just a fraction of neighborhoods […]

Sports events in Berlin

Berlin’s art, neighborhoods, museums, parks, shopping centers and history are very rich and inviting. So is sport. But how can one decide which event to visit? Whether you are looking for team sports, like soccer or basketball, athletics, like the marathon or pole vaulting, or something else, we have compiled a list that you will […]

Nightlife in Berlin

What do Night Owls do for kicks in this city? Why they visit a few of the many nightclubs, known for their extravagance, vigor and exclusiveness. Join us, as we try to find our way through this jungle of lights and sounds. Berghain & Panorama Bar This is a popular, if not the most popular, […]

The Olympic stadium Berlin

Also called Olympiastadion, it hosts top sporting events and concerts. It was built in 1936 for the 11th Olympic Games. At the time it had a different name – Reichssportfeld. It was used by the Nazis to promote their agenda and give public speeches, as well as to receive foreign officials. There were many more […]