Sports events in Berlin

Berlin’s art, neighborhoods, museums, parks, shopping centers and history are very rich and inviting. So is sport. But how can one decide which event to visit? Whether you are looking for team sports, like soccer or basketball, athletics, like the marathon or pole vaulting, or something else, we have compiled a list that you will […]

Museums to visit in Berlin

Berlin is home to a huge variety of museums, dedicated to studying art, history and technology. For your enjoyment, here are some of the museums you should absolutely not miss. Berlin Wall Memorial The Memorial is focused on telling the story of what happened, as well as how and why – regarding the political climate […]

Betting in Berlin

When it comes to betting, Berlin does not shy away from it and embraces this type of entertainment fully. In fact, it is the largest city in Germany in terms of gambling. That being said, gambling rules and establishments might be a tad different from what an average Card Sharp expects. For one thing, Berlin […]