Top 10 things to see in Berlin (part 2)

This is the continuation of our list of the most stupendous, marvelous, educational and relaxing places to visit in Germany’s culturally rich capital. We hope you continue to enjoy it.


This was the site of one of the instances Nazis burned books in 1933. To commemorate this event, there is an artistic installation by Micha Ulma. It is a library with empty shelves and an inscription – a quote by Heinrich Heine ┬áthat reads: That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well. There are many beautiful sites worth visiting, such as St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, build in the name of religious tolerance by Friedrich II, or the Prinzessinnenpalais.

7. Berlin Dungeon

To take a break from all of the seriousness, and especially if you possess a horror-loving side, we recommend the Berlin Dungeon. It has eleven interactive shows, including: the Torture Chamber, the White Lady, the Great Fire of Berlin, Secret Tunnels and many more. You can buy tickets online for this attraction, get goosebumps and cover 800 years of history, while you are enjoying yourself.

8. German Museum of Technology

The tech-savvy connoisseurs of German engineering will have a great time. It was originally opened as a Museum for Traffic and Technology, but it expanded the range of its exhibitions. They exhibits include the history of the locomotive and its development over time. Those interested in aeronautics will enjoy the large aviation section. Since 2002, a computer section has been added.

9. Tiergarten

This is a large, beautiful park, covering over 500 hectares, and is used by the locals and tourist alike for leisurely walks, bike rides or jogging. It was originally the hunting grounds, until Friedrich III, the Duke of Prussia, declared it a park to be enjoyed by the common people. If you are fortunate enough to visit the garden in the Summer on a Sunday (oddly specific, we know), you might hear carillon’s bells. It is the fourth largest carillon in the world, with 68 bells and being 42 meters (about 138 feet) tall.

10. Spree

While not a site in itself, per se, there are miles and miles of peaceful waterways that will let you experience Berlin in a whole new way. Don’t rush, but instead take your time on the scenic route to the Museum island or the Tiergarten. If your finances allow you to do so, we recommend taking a day tour and a night one. There are many different types of tours on the Spree, and the tour guides will help you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

There you have it – ten gorgeous and overwhelming locations in Berlin that are a must see. This isn’t to say that these are the only attractions and sight worth mentioning – after all, this list is highly subjective, but it is a start. Plan your trip carefully, do your research and marvel, admire and adore this exquisite European city.