Top 10 things to see in Berlin (part 1)

More than 700 years old, the German capital has a rich and turbulent history. It is home to high-tech industries, amazing service providers, as well as universities, museums and orchestras know around the world. Let us explore what there is to see in this Mecca of European development.

1. Berlin Wall

After Germany suffered defeat in World War 2, the nation was divided. The eastern part of the country was left to Soviets, while the western part went to the allies of the west – the USA and UK. There were tensions, as many Germans defected from east to west.

Premier Khrushchev authorized the government of East Germany to close the border, stopping the flow of immigrants. In two weeks, there was a barbed-wire fence.

In a span of almost thirty years, Berlin and its occupants were divided by the middle. The traces of the wall can be found all over the 160 kilometers (about 100 miles) bicycle route, designed specifically to trace this historic landmark.

2.Potsdamer Platz

This was one of many places that was divided and ruined during the Cold war. However, after reunification, this once ruined square was revived and rejuvenated. Those who wish to visit Berlin must not elude from the opportunity to enjoy shopping centers, modern architecture and cinemas.

Every year, in February, Postdamer Platz hosts Berlinare, the film festival. It features new and experimental films, as well as classics and movies that celebrate German actors.

If you want to see Museum Dali, or the Spy museum, you need only hop on over to Leipziger Platz.

3. Reichstag

This is one of the most important buildings in Berlin and Germany as a whole, historically speaking. You can visit the Reichstag dome any day 8 am and 10 pm. One way to reach it is to get on a hop on/hop off tour.

The Reichstag is internationally acknowledged as a symbol of democracy. It is also where the German parliament presides. The building itself is very environmentally conscious, as it uses solar panels for its electricity.

4. Alexanderplatz

This is the largest square in Germany. Like Postdamer Platz, it was destroyed during the Cold war and redeveloped after the two Germanys united. There are many attractions, as well as restaurants, shops and cinemas within your walking distance at any given time or place inside Alexanderplatz. You can see the amazing TV Tower, the Museum Island and the famous Bratenburg Gate. Don’t forget to check out the Berlin Cathedral, which is technically a parish and the most important protestant basilica in the city.

5. Friedrichstra├če

If you want to combine shopping and culture, be sure to visit Friedrichstra├če, Berlin’s home of the real estate market. It was rebuilt in 1990, as there were many plans, and renovations following the political climate of the time. It gets its name from Elector Friedrich III. If you are looking for the entertainment, north of the station you will find the Friedrichstadt-Palast, the glamorous theatre celebrated throughout the world.