The Olympic stadium Berlin

Also called Olympiastadion, it hosts top sporting events and concerts. It was built in 1936 for the 11th Olympic Games. At the time it had a different name – Reichssportfeld. It was used by the Nazis to promote their agenda and give public speeches, as well as to receive foreign officials. There were many more events held at the stadium, like the German football Championship in 1937. If only Betfair had existed back then – FC Schalke 04 was crazy dominant back then. During World War II, its purpose was slightly shifted towards production and storage.

Glockenturm is one of the sites on the stadium that you cannot miss. It is a bell tower on top of which you can survey the stadium. It was built in 1936, with the Olympic Bell boasting the year, Olympic Rings, an eagle, and two swastikas. It was destroyed by the British in 1947, and reconstructed in 1962. The bell itself is heavily damaged, having been through a fire, conflict and a 77 meters drop to the ground. It now produces no sounds and serves as a memorial.

The capacity of the locale is precisely 74 475 seats, which is the highest in Germany. For special events, this capacity can be further increased. There are 560 box seats, 563 lounge seats and 147 wheelchair spaces. The stadium boasts a visitor’s center which you can use to learn more about it. With a guided tour, you can explore its nooks and crannies. One of the benefits of having a guide is having the honor and privilege of checking out the VIP rooms and the player’s dressing rooms. The tour lasts for about an hour, with information about your favorite football location that might surprise you. There is even a special tour for the true fans of Hertha BSC, and you can even see some of their training sessions free of charge, if you are lucky enough.

One of the notable events occurred after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hertha BSC from West Germany and 1. FC Union Berlin from East Germany had a friendly match with 50 000 spectators in 1990. These teams are considered to be Berlin’s finest football clubs.

Speaking of Hertha, the club announced in 2017 that they would be leaving the Olympiastadion in 2025, when their contract expires. The stadium has been their home since 1963, but, oddly enough, the problem that the team is having with it is that it is too big for their needs. In the meantime, they will be searching for a new home, and it would seem that they have two locations in mind, one of which would be within the Olympic park and next to their old place.

Another reason this stadium is famous is that it was here, during the 2009 World Championship in Athletics, that Usain Bolt stunned the world in 100-meter and 200-meter races, by breaking the world record in both of them.

The Olympiastadion also hosted a number of concerts by world-renowned artists. These include Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, U2, Coldplay, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen and many more.