Sports events in Berlin

Berlin’s art, neighborhoods, museums, parks, shopping centers and history are very rich and inviting. There is a myriad of things to do, whether playing casino games online with┬áthe welcome bonus from Borgata or going out and exploring what Berlin has to offer. Sports events are some of the most interesting ones for tourists and citizens alike. But how can one decide which event to visit? Whether you are looking for team sports, like soccer or basketball, athletics, like the marathon or pole vaulting, or something else, we have compiled a list that you will certainly find informative.

35th Avon Running for Women 2018

This is the largest women’s run in Germany. The participants are going to run through Tiergarten for 10 kilometers (a little over 6 miles). The purpose of this sports venue is to raise awareness regarding women’s health issues, like fighting breast cancer.

2nd Yoga Night

The LANGENACHTDESYOOOGA, or the Yoga Night, allows the visitors to participate and explore many different types of Yoga. Everybody is welcome, regardless of their body type and prowess. The proceeds of the event will go towards making Yoga workshops in penitentiaries, women’s shelters, centers for children with learning disabilities, etc.

Dance Course at Kunsthaus Flora

Would you like to dance? If you don’t know how (and even if you do), the Dance Course at Kunsthaus Flora is the place where your passion for dancing will be awoken or rekindled. A quick note for the would-be dancers – this event is for adults only.

BIG 25

While running was popular in the rest of the world, Germany was facing its own problems with political and economic division. Running was not a priority. However, in 1981, in West Germany, the French Armed Forces, specifically Major Bride, decided to organize a street race using the race from Paris to Versailles as a model. They had a right to do so, on the grounds that they greater authority than the German law at the time, so they blocked the traffic and started a tradition that still continues. Big 25 is 25 kilometers long, and the number of runners increases every year.

The Velothon

Cyclists are often overlooked when it comes to sporting events. Not here. The Velothon welcomes all cyclists, big and small, beginners and pros. Whether you want to compete, beat your personal best, or just participate and have fun, this is the right event for you. This cycling venue is second only to the legendary Tour de France. There are three courses – the Velothon 60, the Velothon 100 and the Velothon 160.

The Velothon 60 is, you’ve guessed it, sixty kilometers long. Suitable for beginners, it will give you chance to pass by the Brandenburg Gate or the Potsdamer Platz. The Velothon 100 goes as far as Brandenburg. The Velothon 160 is the combination of the two, recommended only to the toughest and fastest cyclists.

Are you feeling athletic and lucky? Would you like to test your limits? Are you up for some healthy recreation? Or, perhaps, you would rather be a spectator to physical prowess of others. In any case, there are many events created for our benefit that would be a shame to miss.