Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

Located on Mercedes-Platz 1, this multipurpose arena was previously known as O2 World. Mercedes-Benz renamed the venue in 2015, and the deal was the name should stick for the following twenty years. The ALBA Basketball team and the Eisbären Berlin ice hockey club have their home here, whose games were certainly the reason why many Germans visited

The stadium is built on what once was a rail goods yard. It can be found right next to Mühlenstraße. Mercedes-Benz arena can, in addition to normal means, be reached by a boat. This is achieved via the East Side Gallery.  Are you in Berlin for a monumental concert? No problem – there are many hotels in the vicinity of the stadium. Finding one that suits you is a simple matter.

The size and the capacity of the arena are its pride and joy – the total area of the venue is 60 000 square meters. The building incorporates 4 200 tons of steel and eight passenger lifts. It can hold 17 000 people and hosts over 100 events every year with over one million visitors coming from near and far to witness their favorite game or concert.

If you want to take a look at the arena and its facilities, but are, for whatever reason, unable to do so, or you want to choose the seat that is just right for you and people accompanying you, their official website has a virtual tour. You are but a few clicks away from finding the optimal place to watch your favorite events.

There are a few rules that you must follow, though. There are no backpacks or bags allowed inside, with the exception of one small bag or handbag. If you have a bag, it will be stored away for a small fee. Children and persons under the age of 16 must have someone to chaperone them. There is no smoking or taking pictures.

One of the benefits is that the people in wheelchairs or mobility issues have access to the venue. Parking is also supplied (free for those who have reduced mobility of 70% or higher), as well as elevators taking you to your desired level.

As for the rest, parking spots are limited, so it might be a good idea to book them in advance. If searching for the perfect parking spot is too much of a hassle for you, there is a Park & Ride option – leading you to parking spaces in the vicinity of your desired location. Let’s not forget that one course of action that can be taken is using public transport.

To summarize, Mercedes-Benz Arena is accommodating, easily accessible, and affordable location that features many an interesting event. It welcomes all, with some additional rules to follow, and you can book a seat, as well as a parking spot, in advance. All in all, this venue is more than adequate and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy your visit in the refurbished arena formerly known as O2 World.