Festivals in Berlin

Berlin is a host of several very frequented festivals throughout the year. Many people come on those days to experience a spectacle that is offered only at that moment. Even though, consistently, tourists flock to the places where there is an option to gamble, such as world-famous casinos, in Berlin the majority of people actually come to visit an event such as a once-in-a-year festival and leave betting to online sites (given that they can also get a bonus such as the CanPlay promotional code and don’t have to spend time inside a casino). These are some of the monst popular festivals in Berlin.

Karneval der Kulturen (18-21st of May)

Celebrated annually since 1996, Karneval der Kulturen is a multicultural festival held in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This beautiful festival is reminiscent of Notting Hill Carnival in London and Zomercarnaval in Rotterdam. Procession groups that perform at the festival have grown in number whereby now one can see more than 4,000. These procession groups showcase both musical and theatrical performances and come from many parts of Germany, as well as some parts of Africa and South America. If you ever get hungry, have no fear, food stalls are always near, and due to the special event we would highly recommend trying some foreign foods that are usually exclusive to these occasions.

Torstrasse Festival (8-11th of June)

This festival shares its name with the street where the event takes place, located in central Berlin. This wonderful musical festival will take place in June this year and the theme will be forever – not contemporary but forever, not retro but ageless. The music that transcends time in 2018 will include the likes of: Catnapp, DENA, Lucrecia Dalt, Bad Hammer, and much more. As a matter of fact, over 40 concerts will be held this year over the course of the three days. As this is a festival that is specific to Berlin it is a must see for any visitor searching for a good time.

Fete de la Musique (21st of June)

Fete de la Musique or World Music Day is held every year on the 21st of June where musicians play on the streets. The musical palate is diverse as it includes orchestras, DJ’s, choirs, soloists, etc. This festival is, strictly speaking, not a festival specific to Berlin but rather a worldwide festival. Its origins can be traced to Jack Lang, French Minister of Culture, and Maurice Fleuret in 1982. The expression that best describes this event is just as accurate as it was when Maurics and Jack first pondered the thought: “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere.” The event soon gained popularity and became celebrated by over 340 cities. There are no admission fees for this event and there is plenty of food to keep you going!

Pure and Crafted (26-27th of August)

If rock ‘n’ roll or fast motorbikes is not the answer, then you are asking the wrong question. This festival brings together great food, luscious beer, lively music, along with the cold steel of exhaust popes and revved up engines of motorcycles. Along with the festivities this event presents a custom bike show and outdoor performances from acrobats. The bikes are of course in the spotlight during the two days and you will see both custom made and mass produced vehicles. So be sure to wear your best leather clothing to the Pure and Crafted.

Lollapalooza (8-9th September)

This year the Olympiastadion and Olympiapark Berlin will be filled with spectacular acts. Get over to  Olympischer Platz 3 to see: David Guetta, Kraftwerk 3D, Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd, Liam Gallagher, and much more. Historically, Lollapalooza has attracted fantastic bands; for example, in 2017 top acts were the Foo Fighters and Mumford & Sons, while in 2016 we got to see Radiohead and Kings of Leon. The festival regularly attracts around 75,000 visitors and as a result is one of Germany’s ultimate events of the year.