Betting in Berlin

When it comes to betting, Berlin does not shy away from it and embraces this type of entertainment fully. In fact, it is the largest city in Germany in terms of gambling. That being said, gambling rules and establishments might be a tad different from what an average Card Sharp expects.

For one thing, Berlin is very health conscious when it comes to risking one’s money in games of chance. Slightly different from the real money online casino games, land-based casinos and bookies need to adhere to different rules. Every casino or other gambling establishment has warning signs and friendly advice concerning the dangers of gambling – like addiction. While some casinos might do everything in their power to keep you inside with free drinks, lovely shows and bright lights, and confuse your sense of time (looking at you, Vegas), Berlin does not adhere to this business model.  

It might surprise you to know that Berlin fights the gambling addiction to such an extent that a casino cannot operate from less than 500 meters (540 yards, give or take) from an existing house of chance.

This, and many other rules and regulations are the reason Germany clashed with the rest of the EU, where it is generally believed that Germany might be just a bit too strict with its gambling laws.

Another phenomenon regarding the card player’s code of conduct is the dress code. Casual has a different meaning in Berlin – tank tops, shorts, daisy dukes, open sandals (for men), sleeveless shirts and the like are not allowed on the premises. Some establishments even frown upon blue jeans. Not all places require that you be as elegant as James Bond, but you definitely can’t be the Hulk.

Entrance might be free in many western (and eastern, for that matter) countries, but Germany requires you to pay a fee to enter the arcade. This fee varies from one place to another – it could be two euros, it could be five or even more. This cover charge is unfortunately unavoidable in most casinos.

If you are from out of town and want to try your luck, don’t forget to bring your passport. This should go without saying, but the legal gambling age in Germany is 18 to 21, depending on the venue, and the Germans are, as previously stated, very strict when it comes to following the rules and the law. This particular rule, granted, is not limited to betting in Berlin.

From what has been stated thus far, one might get a wrong impression of Berliners being buzzkills, wet blankets, or the Grinch who stole casinos. Nothing could be further from the truth, as there are always restaurants, nightclubs and discotheques on the premises. People in Berlin love gambling, they just take pride in being careful and moderate.

This is just a heads-up potential casino goers might need should they choose to test their skills in one of Berlin’s fine entertainment venues. Remember to be responsible, elegant and smooth. Of course, if all of this is simply too much to bear – there is always the option of going online.