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Priya Basil on the 16:02

  Berlin-based British novelist Priya Basil, who is interviewed by Bilal Qureshi in our one-hour Berlin Stories show, created a series of videos in conjunction with a novella she wrote a couple of years ago, called Strangers on the 16:02. Many authors these days make video “trailers” to promote their books, a trend that has produced… Read more »

Around the World with Duc Ngo

Salmon Sashimi, Talkeetna

Berlin chef Duc Ngo, who visits the Vietnamese market in Marzahn with Gisela Williams in our one-hour episode of Berlin Stories, recently took a trip around the world for a year, just to eat. Below, the greatest hits of his trip. 1. Shrimp Wanton Noodle Soup, Old Chinatown, Vancouver These were amazing, amazing wantons. I didn’t… Read more »

Berlin Stories: The Line Up

Photo by Elizabeth Skadden

Photo by Elizabeth Skadden

Here’s what you can look forward to in our first one-hour episode of Berlin Stories… Political Analyst Almut Möller and former U.S. Ambassador John Kornblum debate the future of the Eurozone. Gallerist Michael Fuchs reinvents the Jüdische Mädchenschüle for a new generation of Augustrasse. Foreign novelists Priya Basil and Helen… Read more »

COMING SOON: Berlin Stories is expanding to one hour!

Our new season of Berlin Stories Originals starts on April 16. To kick off the new season we are rolling out our new, expanded Berlin Stories, a one hour radio magazine of art, culture and daily life in Berlin. The new show is hosted by Gisela Williams and Anna Winger and will premiere on NPR Berlin… Read more »

The D-B Connection: Empty But Sexy


Missed the first chapter of The Detroit-Berlin Connection on All Things Considered this morning? You can listen to Martina Guzman’s piece here.

The D-B Connection: Creative Thinking About Land Use

The D-B Connection: Mies van der Rohe

One of the trailers created by Martina Guzman and Veronica Zaragovia for The Detroit-Berlin Connection, the radio series coming up on Berlin Stories for NPR next week!

Required Reading: Peter Schneider on the Wall


If you missed the German writer Peter Scheider’s Op-Ed about the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall in the New York Times this Sunday, you can read it here. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read his incredible 1980 novel The Wall Jumper, which paints an unparalleled portrait of the divided city, and was reissued… Read more »

Particle Wave: Madame Claude & Marie Antoinette

Madame Claude Upside down photo courtesy of the venue copyright of MGSM)

(This week we introduce PARTICLE WAVE, a column written by Fenster bandmates JJ Hurvich and Jonathan Jarzyna about Berlin’s new music scene. Look forward to profiles, interviews and live performance podcasts. This week a profile of two popular venues, Madame Claude & Marie Antoinette…) It’s not easy to make a living from experimental music. That’s why… Read more »