Our Contributors: Rachel Stern

Credit: Nick Simpson

Credit: Nick Simpson

Rachel Stern is a 2013-14 Fulbright Young American Journalist. She first lived in Berlin in 2012 as an Arthur F. Burns Fellow at the politics department of SPIEGEL ONLINE. Her work has appeared in various U.S. and German publications, including Slate, The Christian Science Monitor, Deutsche Welle and The Huffington Post. A graduate of the… Read more »

Our Contributors: Photographer Nick Simpson


Nick Simpson (credit: Will Johnson)

Based in Berlin since 2008, Nick Simpson is a British-born freelance photographer working with digital and analogue photography. Nick studied Photography in Leeds, Nottingham and Brussels, and has exhibited work in Berlin and in England. His most recent works are typologies taken using hand-built cameras, shot from comparable viewpoints over time. More of Nick’s work can… Read more »

Our Contributors: Thalia Gigerenzer


Thalia Gigerenzer is a German-American writer and radio producer based in Berlin. She’s written for The New York Times, Modern Farmer, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and India’s The Caravan. Before moving back to Berlin, she spent a year in Delhi on a Fulbright scholarship, and made radio for The Kitchen Sisters and London’s Resonance… Read more »

Our Contributors: Carolyn Beeler


Carolyn Beeler is a radio reporter and a 2013-2014 Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow. Before moving to Berlin, Carolyn covered health and science at WHYY in Philadelphia and reported and produced for NPR in Washington, D.C. on a Kroc Fellowship. She has reported from Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Cape Town, South Africa. Carolyn… Read more »

Our Contributors: Gisela Williams on Berlin Utopias


Travel Writer Gisela Williams covers pioneering projects around the world. This month she hosts a one hour special episode of BSNPR about Utopian communities in Berlin. Tune in to hear it on NPR Berlin June 21st! Meanwhile, check out Gisela’s archive on her website and follow her adventures on instagram @giselaatlarge!

Our Contributors: Megan O’Grady on the Counter-Narrative

Photograph by Thorsten Trimpop

Photograph by Thorsten Trimpop

We are pretty sure that no one reads more than Berlin Stories contributor and Vogue literary critic Megan O’Grady, who spent this past year doing a Niemann Fellowship at Harvard University. Click here to read a great essay on what she’s learned from reading Krzysztof Kieslowski, George Eliot, and Mr. Fox…

Our Contributors: R. Jay Magill on Sincerity

Illustration by R. Jay Magill

Illustration by R. Jay Magill

  Berlin Stories contributor, writer and illustrator R. Jay Magill has a new book coming out this week from Norton, Sincerity: How a moral ideal born five hundred years ago inspired religious wars, modern art, hipster chic, and the curious notion that we all have something to say (no matter how dull), and it’s already getting… Read more »

Our Contributors: Brittani Sonnenberg in Asymptote

Illustration by Hugo Muecke

Illustration by Hugo Muecke

Over the years Brittani Sonnenberg has written some of our favorite Berlin Stories Originals. This month the Berlin-based author, who also works at the American Academy, has a short story, 1116 Arcadia Ave., in the literary journal Asymptote. Read it here. And for your listening enjoyment, her first Original ever, from 2009, is below.

Our Contributors: Melanie Sevcenko on Survival

BS Reporter Melanie Sevcenko hails from Canada by way of Texas. For our first one-hour episode of BERLIN STORIES, Melanie interviewed local American and British expats on their dreams of escape and the realities of survival. While Melanie’s daily beat is Berlin, where she has been living since 2009, in the past year alone she has… Read more »

Our Contributors: Bilal Qureshi on Berlin

Today’s the day, and we hope you’ll all tune in to listen to the premiere episode of Berlin Stories’ one-hour show at 7pm! The new show was produced by Bilal Qureshi, a producer from All Things Considered at NPR in Washington who has been here in Germany for a year on a Bosch fellowship. Lucky… Read more »