Originals: Sylee Gore on Empty Spaces

Photograph by Elizabeth Skadden

Photograph by Elizabeth Skadden

Born in Mumbai and raised in the United States, Sylee Gore has lived in Berlin since 2000. She works at a publishing house and blogs at Berlin Reified.

Integration: Define German


Given the current debate about immigration and integration in Germany, undocumented American journalist Jose Antonio Vargas’ story resonates here, too. We are especially interested in his organization Define American. How would you “define German?” What do you think it takes to integrate in Germany? Is it easier or more difficult to fit in than in… Read more »

Originals: Julian Gough on the Art Gallery Explosion

  Julian Gough, in his youth, sang with cult Irish band Toasted Heretic. They released four albums, and had a top ten hit with “Galway and Los Angeles“, a song about not kissing Sinead O’Connor. He is the author of two novels, Juno & Juliet, and Jude: Level 1. In 2007 he won the largest prize in the… Read more »