Originals: Natalia Drozdiak on Political Ghosts

Photograph by Elizabeth Skadden

Photograph by Elizabeth Skadden

Natalia Drozdiak is a Belgian-American journalist who has written for Reuters and the German political magazine Cicero. She has a BA in Literature from Bard College, NY and currently lives in Berlin.

Originals: Sylee Gore on Empty Spaces

Photograph by Elizabeth Skadden

Photograph by Elizabeth Skadden

Born in Mumbai and raised in the United States, Sylee Gore has lived in Berlin since 2000. She works at a publishing house and blogs at Berlin Reified.

Originals: Melanie Sevcenko on Red Elvis

Print by Andy Warhol

Print by Andy Warhol

Melanie Sevcenko currently lives in Berlin, Germany where she works as a freelance journalist in print and radio for international publications. Her reporting has been published by Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, the Global Post, Washington Times, Miller-McCune, and the Local Berlin. Melanie’s poetry has also been published in various literary journals.

Originals: Hilda Hoy on Horticulture

Photo by Michelle Cormier

Photo by Michelle Cormier

  Hilda Hoy grew up between the concrete jungles of Taiwan and the woods of central Ontario. A one-time hard-boiled news reporter for the Toronto Star and the Prague Post, she now fills her days working as the managing editor of sugarhigh, the Berlin email magazine she’s been heading since its founding in 2009. When not freelancing… Read more »

Our Contributors: Elizabeth Skadden on GDR Cassette Culture


Required Reading: Peter Schneider on the Wall


If you missed the German writer Peter Scheider’s Op-Ed about the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall in the New York Times this Sunday, you can read it here. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read his incredible 1980 novel The Wall Jumper, which paints an unparalleled portrait of the divided city, and was reissued… Read more »

Originals: Alistair Noon on the East German Police


  Listen to the podcast above. Author Alistair Noon was born in 1970 and grew up near London. He first came to Berlin in 1989, and has lived in the city, bar a couple of years in China, since 1993. His poems have appeared in four chapbooks from various presses: At the Emptying of Dustbins (Oystercatcher, 2009), In People’s Park… Read more »

Originals: Adam Butler at the Stasi Museum


  Adam Butler lives in Berlin. He is currently working on a novel, extracts from which have appeared in 3AM Magazine and Nitro. As a musician he has released 5 albums of electronic chamber showtunes under the pseudonym Vert, and has performed throughout Europe, the US and Asia. A longer version of his Berlin Story was originally… Read more »

Originals: Ralph Martin on the christmas spirit


photo courtesy of wf-foto-aktuell.de   Ralph Martin is a writer and journalist who has lived in Berlin since 2003. His book EIN AMERIKANER IN BERLIN: WIE EIN NEW YORKER LERNTE, DIE DEUTSCHEN ZU LIEBEN, was published at the end of 2009 by Dumont Verlag. His forthcoming book about fatherhood in contemporary Germany, LULU UND ICH, will appear… Read more »

Originals: Chloe Aridjis On The Ghost Stations

Image from Projektgruppe ‘Licht + Farbe’ by C. Brachmann, M. Hörsch, G. Kohrmann

  Chloe Aridjis grew up in the Netherlands and in Mexico. She studied literature at Harvard and then wrote her PhD in 19th-century French poetry and magic shows at Oxford. She lived in Berlin for 5 1/2 years and became enamored of its public transportation system. Her first novel, Book of Clouds, is set in Berlin was recently… Read more »