A Pop-Up Art Book Store


Our friend Max Erbe has just opened a pop-up Bargain Book Shop on Immanuelkirchstrasse 33 in Prenzlauerberg for December only. The Shop’s mix of ca. 2000 illustrated English-language and German books are from 5 to 50 EUR, with a few exceptions for special and collector’s editions.The spotlight is on art, architecture, photography, design, children’s books and… Read more »

The D-B Connection: Empty But Sexy


Missed the first chapter of The Detroit-Berlin Connection on All Things Considered this morning? You can listen to Martina Guzman’s piece here.

The D-B Connection: Creative Thinking About Land Use

The D-B Connection: Mies van der Rohe

One of the trailers created by Martina Guzman and Veronica Zaragovia for The Detroit-Berlin Connection, the radio series coming up on Berlin Stories for NPR next week!

The Detroit-Berlin Connection: Dec 1st at the US Embassy


Please join us at 16:00, Thursday December 1st, at the U.S. Embassy, Pariser Platz 2, for The Detroit-Berlin Connection, a panel discussion on urban renewal in post-industrial cities. The event is a celebration of our first collaboration with a U.S. NPR station, a series of the same name that will run on NPR Berlin 104.1FM next week during the morning broadcast of All Things Considered. You can also listen to the pieces on WDET’s website. Click here to read a great posting by Sugarhigh about it. … Read more »

Our Contributors: Julia Franck on Peter Krauskopf


Berlin novelist Julia Franck has written the introduction for a new monograph of Berlin painter Peter Krauskopf’s work, in honor of a gorgeous exhibiton at the Walter Storms Galley in Munich. The introduction is in German and in English. Julia’s new novel, Rücken an Rücken, is out this month in German, next year… Read more »

Our Contributors: Elizabeth Skadden on GDR Cassette Culture


Our Contributors: Anna Winger on Wilkommenkultur

  This week, U.S. Ambassador Philip Murphy warned Berliners against racism, after an African-American U.S. Embassy employee was harassed by racist hooligans at a Hertha soccer match. Read his speech here. This brings us back to the question of what is German, who is German, and how can these definitions be expanded to… Read more »

Introducing Berliner Salon with Emilie Trice

Finally a reason to look forward to cold weather: Emilie Trice will host a new webtv series, Berliner Salon for BSNPR. Intimate conversations with artists, writers, curators on her famous couch.
Tune in right here next week for the first couch session, with Nicky Broekhuysen.

Emily Hass at the Jewish Museum

Emily Hass Altonaer assemblage 1

New York artist Emily Hass, whose work was profiled on BSNPR in 2008, is included in the Jewish Museum’s first contemporary art show, commemorating the museum’s ten year anniversary, Heimatkunde. Hass’ mixed media work draws on archival architectural plans of her father’s family home on Altonaerstrasse, which was taken by the Nazis and subsequently destroyed during… Read more »