Originals: Kim Wood on 27 Steps to a Frankfurter Kranz


  Rosemary’s Baby still courtesy of Paramount. Kim Wood is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer who grew up in Hollywood and lived in San Francisco and New York before making Berlin her home. Her films, based upon the histories of relatively unknown adventurers and eccentrics, have screened internationally in festivals and museums, including the Sundance Film… Read more »

Originals: Alexander Privitera on America

Bringing Up Baby still from RKO.   Alexander Privitera is a television journalist. He is currently the US correspondent for the German news channel N24. He is also a frequent contributor to the Washington DC-based think tank AICGS and sometimes appears on Fox News and MSNBC. His career includes five years as N24 anchor in Berlin,… Read more »

Originals: Cynthia Barcomi on the ultimate combination

Photograph by Maja Smend.   Cynthia Barcomi was born in Seattle and educated in New York, at Columbia University. She moved to Berlin in 1985 as a professional dancer and opened up her first shop, Barcomi’s, in Kreuzberg, in 1994.  She has since opened a deli in Mitte, written three cookbooks and created a whole world of baking… Read more »

Originals: Michael Scott Moore on the River Waves

Photo courtesy of Geo Reise Community.   Michael Scott Moore was a 2006-2007 Fulbright fellow in Berlin, where he edits and writes for Spiegel Online. His first novel, Too Much of Nothing, was published by Carroll & Graf in 2003. His new book, Sweetness and Blood, a work of folk history and travel about the spread of… Read more »

Originals: Aura Rosenberg on the Early days of KW


Photograph by the author.   Aura Rosenberg lives and works in New York City and Berlin with her husband John Miller and their daughter Carmen. Hatje Cantz published her book Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I? last year.  Other publications include Berliner Kindheit (Berlin Childhood) published by Steidl Verlag and Head Shots published… Read more »

Originals: Olaf Tischbier on America

Image from I am NOT the Beastmaster.
Olaf Tischbier grew up in Lower Saxony reading American comic books.  Now he is a tv, commercial, and film editor in Berlin where he has lived since 1994.  He still reads comics.

Originals: Rose-Anne Clermont on the Cracks


Photograph by Carlos Barria/Reuters.   Rose-Anne Clermont, a Haitian-American writer and journalist first came to Berlin on a Fulbright Fellowship in 1998.  Her writing has appeared in International Herald Tribune, Die Zeit, Spiegel Online, The Root and The Women’s International Perspective and on her blog, Currents Between Shores.  Her memoir, Buschgirl, will be published in… Read more »

Originals: David Sornig on the Red Dress

Painting courtesy of Liat.   David Sornig was born and raised in Melbourne and Germany and is now based in Adelaide where he lectures in creative writing at Flinders University. His fiction, non-fiction and criticism have appeared in Griffith Review, New Matilda, Antipodes, The Age and elsewhere. In 2008 he was awarded the Charles Pick Fellowship at… Read more »

Mary Rozell on Peace, Love and Understanding


Image by Massimo Vitali, courtesy of Bonni Benrubi Gallery.   Mary Rozell is Director of Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York. While living in Berlin for almost a decade, she was the correspondent for The Art Newspaper and a curator of contemporary art.  She has written and lectured extensively about Berlin’s emerging art… Read more »

Historical Berlin: Shadow and Light by Jonathan Rabb

  This is an excerpt from Shadow and Light, a recently published novel by Jonathan Rabb, a literary thriller set in the decadent world of the Babelsberg film studios during the early rise of the Nazis. Excerpt used by permission of Farrar, Straus & Giroux LLC and read by actor Harvey Friedman. Jonathan Rabb is the… Read more »